Colour Changing Mugs (Chameleon Mugs)

What is a CHAMELEON MUG …. Chameleon Mug mug also commonly called the devil, by reason of this mug can change color, anddisplay the original picture ….




Chameleon mug indeed somewhat unique … but basically, this mug has a layer of color that is very influential on the heat.

Colors used on mugs chameleon is a type of paint thermochromatic ie paint / coating colors that will change when exposed to heat.

The use of paint is still doubted by some people, because think the color / paint it willdissolve with water. But this color layer on the outer surface rather than on the inside of themug. So the existing color on the mug, rather than with water-soluble but changed because of the heat ….

If you are interested, make chameleon mugs as gifts or souvenirs …

please contact us … .. Our specialization CHAMELEON MUG COMBINATION …

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